Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today is the last day of 2008, so what a better way to end it than some quick reminiscing. So much has happened in the past couple of years, so quick reminiscing might not be accurate. While 2007 was the hardest year I’ve ever been through, ’08 was amazing. I’ve done so much growing and so much learning this year that I can hardly believe where I was just a year ago.

Some of the greatest things that happened in 2008:

I grew. I had alone time for the first time in my life in 2007, and hated every moment of it. In 2008, I learned to enjoy my time alone and used it to grow closer to God and learn (and am learning still) to rely on Him alone. That has made all the difference in ‘07 and ‘08. Being away from family for the first time was hard. Really hard. But God brought me through and made me more independent on people and more dependent on Him.

I made some of the best friends I will ever have – Chris and Beka (picture 1) and Earl and Amanda (picture2, awful picture, but the only one with all of us!). They have truly been our Nashville family. Without them, 2008 wouldn’t have been half as meaningful. Thanks guys! We love you!

Dave and I had a lot of fun adventures (picture 3) and many not so fun adventures (picture 4). He has been a great friend and wonderful husband. I could not have survived Nashville without his constant love and support for me. We make a good team.

With all the changes of the past couple of years, I'm kind of hoping for a non-eventful 2009. Some exciting things that I am hoping awesome and fulfilling job for Dave, a pregnancy of a very dear friend, and a baby for me too? Only if Dave gets the aforementioned job, I'm afraid. Maybe we'll save that wish for 2010. A girl can wish can't she?

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