Steph is a small town girl from Missouri and has always loved being creative. In the 4th grade, after having her first poem published in the local newspaper, she was hooked on writing.  In the 6th grade, she won a few classroom awards for homemade story books (with illustrations and fancy covers made of paper scraps) as well as an award for good handwriting, which she was incredibly proud of... and may still be proud of.

As she became a little more grown up, she decided to attend Missouri State University and pursue art and design. For two years she took studio art classes including, but not limited to: drawing (so so much drawing), 2-D design, 3-D design, jewelry and metals, and printmaking. She quickly became stressed by the forced creativity and fell out of love with art. So she decided to become a creative writing major and promptly fell into love with poetry and short story writing. After just a year in the Creative Writing program, she was asked to represent the student work at Missouri State by being one of three selected poets at a reading. She. Was. Terrified. But she did it anyway and is now very glad that she did.

After college, she packed up and headed south to Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, who is in the music business.  Tennessee very quickly felt like home; along with picking up the word y'all, Steph fit in very well in Tennessee. She rediscovered her love for art (now that it wasn't mandatory love) and decided to start selling some artwork. Steph sold her very first paintings and also got involved in her first art show.

Now that she and art and writing are all back in love, she plans to create for a very very long time.