Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Anti-Blogger

There's a popular blog feature called "What's In My Bag" where bloggers empty out their purse and take a few pictures of what's inside. It's usually super cute. Like this one that Katie from Skunkboy Creatures did and this one that Elsie from A Beautiful Mess did. Sometimes I think I should do that. And then I realized that I have 2 bananas, a take-out menu, several pill bottles, 3 notebooks, 5 nail polishes, and 14 things of lipgloss or chapstick in my bag and no one cares about that. Did you think I was joking about the 2 bananas?

I totally wasn't. Which leads me to believe I'm not exactly "a blogger" in the way I picture most bloggers. Ways I'm not "a blogger."

-I only go to Starbucks a few times per year.

-I use a PC most of the time because my mac confuses me.

-I don't take pictures well.

-I've never been to a Renegade.

-I've never initiated or attended any sort of 'meet-up' for bloggers.

-My husband hasn't ever hijacked my blog to wish me a happy birthday or congratulations for something.

-I have very few items of vintage clothing.

-I've never been cyberbullied. (Thank you for that!)

-I don't bake.

So, what else? What do you think is true about bloggers? I'll help dispell the myths. It's what I'm here for.


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

I agree that there are some commonly held beliefs about bloggers, but the thing I love most about being part of this awesome community is how much everyone has opened his/her arms to welcome me and make me feel included! Even after my first Blissdom, I felt like I found my tribe....Blogger Myth: Bloggers are stuck up or elitists...Not at all!

skunkboycreatures said...

It may be true that you don't do those things, but you DO blog! I think that makes you a blogger.

I find it refreshing when someone is doing something a little different. Also, I wish I could break my every-day-of-the-week Starbucks habit. Ouch! My wallet hurts.

Mikalah said...

Haha, well, according to your list I'm not a "real" blogger either! =) I do drink Starbucks weekly, but I don't have a Mac, or a fancy camera, or do all the blogging conferences and stuff. Not that I don't want those things, mind you!