Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surprise Spring Date

You guys. I took real pictures this weekend. With a camera! That isn’t attached to a phone! Are you so proud? I sure am. It was totally worth it to drag that thing around with us. Sunday afternoon, I planned a Super Fun Surprise Springtime Date Day for Dave and me. Sunday morning, he was running sound at church. While he was there he received this picture message on his phone: We live close to a playground that is surrounded by lots and lots of open space. Perfect for picnics. So, I was busy packing a picnic lunch when he got home. He changed clothes, got the second text, and relaxed for a few minutes before we were off.

Also perfect for flying kites, which was the next activity. Dave, being the goober he is, decided to hook his kite string to my kite string so it would get twice as high. He then sprinted across the park to try catching his kite. It didn’t work.

We Hagens have a rich family history of Sunday afternoon naps, so that was next on the list. I have this thing about sleeping in public (people could TOTALLY sneak up on you) so I just took pictures and relaxed while Dave slept. Isn’t he so cute?

Then we went to see a movie. We’re lucky to live in a town that has a second run theater. $1.50 for a movie? Twist my arm… We saw Black Swan, which was really creepy, but pretty.

The last activity for the day was a neighborhood grill party. It started getting dark around the time the food was put on the grill, so we don’t have many pictures from that.

The day was totally fun. I think every day should be Super Fun Surprise Springtime Date Day. Or at least hang out with your spouse day. That could work too.

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