Thursday, April 14, 2011


If blog stats have taught me anything, it's that you folks care quite a bit about my "journey to parenthood" which sounds so stuffy, but that's exactly what it is. Whether it's a post about infertility and adoption or just ranting and complaining, if it's related to me becomming a mama, you read it. So thanks for that.

I recently gained two new friends who are going through a difficult "journey to parenthood" as well, and they've just decided to take the steps to adopt, and I am beyond thrilled for them! So if you care so much about ME becomming a mama, you'll like to hear about the Chalos's as well.

Chad and Kristle are super fun, super nice, and super funny. You would really like them. Here's their blog. Please read it! And definitely donate to their adoption fund; they will be amazing parents and every donation helps. Consider $5. Or $500. Because, comeon! Look how fun they are!

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