Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fun Facts

My brain isn't forming cohesive thoughts these days. I assume it's allergies or some such nonsense, but a fully functioning brain, I have not. So I'm doing another fun facts blog post because they're fun (for me) and it involves little thinking or planning.

1. I have a secret blog. Yes, another blog. It's therapy more than anything else, so I don't feel like sharing it. Maybe someday I will, maybe I won't.

2. Food facts: I've never had a macaron. I like my yolks broken and cooked all the way through. I like my food pretty spicy, but my husband likes his food REALLY spicy... so because I'm a lightweight in comparison, I forget that my hot food tolerance is higher than the average bear's.

3. I have no idea how to categorize my personal style. Part of me really wants to decorate each room of my house in a totally different style. Preppy, bohemian, industrial, cutesy chic, etc. My wardrobe is already like that.

4. Things I'd want to study if I went back to college: counseling/psychology, graphic design, and making shoes (I sadly can't find any courses on making shoes. I've wanted to do this for years!).

5. I will kick your butt in Mad Gab. There's also a good chance I'd kick it in Bananagrams. But I guarantee I won't win in Clue, Risk, or Checkers.

6. I'm more proud of Dave than most wives are of their husbands, I'm pretty sure. I say that Dave is good at things so often that it's now a running joke in our group of friends. "Do you know who's good at that?" Dave. It's always Dave. It's not my fault he's good at a lot of things!

7. When people start talking about politics or most current events, my brain starts acting like a TV with no signal. It's all static and fuzz. This probably makes me a bad American. Or at least not a good one.

8. In two weeks, I'm going home to Missouri! We might be able to meet up with some old friends, see our lovely families, and hooopefully make a quick trip to Red Velvet in Springfield! I'm SO ready for a tiny vacation.

9. I love planning parties and group activities, but I don't ever plan anything else. If I didn't do things on a whim, I just wouldn't do things.

10. I "collect" journals. I have so so many, but I'm always wanting to add to my collection. I have tiny ones and huge ones. Lined pages, blank pages, hardback and softback, the list goes on. If you ever need to get me a gift and you have no idea what to get: journal.

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