Monday, December 22, 2008

Stephanie's Christmas Workshop

I was in creative hyper-drive this weekend. I have nearly reached the peak of the handmade Christmas mountain. I have two little tiny parts of gifts left to complete tonight, but then that’s it! What ended up being eighteen gifts took me a mere three weeks to finish. Hopefully next year when I start to think about making homemade gifts again, someone will remind me of these past weeks and gently knock some sense back into me.

Tonight, Dave and I will be opening gifts from each other and having a nice evening in front of the fireplace, drinking sparkling grape juice- my favorite. In the midst of our holiday evening together, we’ve also got to do laundry, clean the apartment (which has been put off for several weeks when all my free time was going to crafts…it’s really quite gross) and pack for our trip home.

Since my camera is still missing I will try very hard to get some pictures when everyone is opening their gifts on Christmas Eve and morning. Although this might mean lots of photos of people in their pajamas with no make-up, I think that’s more festive. What are the holidays without family pajama time?

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