Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Crafting

Arts and crafts time is in full swing in my apartment! I’m making all of my Christmas gifts by hand this year, which definitely has its pros and cons. Pro – handmade is always sweeter. Con – handmade always takes a lot longer. I have currently finished one of the fifteen on my list. YIKES. Three are in the midst of being completed, and that’s a good start, I suppose. So, if I finish one per day until we leave for Missouri, I’ll be done in time. Yikes again. My goal this weekend was to complete four gifts, but I started a project not related to Christmas and started one gift. I’m not exactly a goal oriented person; I should have known that wouldn’t work.

Since the people who normally would be reading my blog are the ones that are receiving these handmade goodies… no pictures to post. Maybe in January I’ll be able to take a nice picture of my pile of Christmas gifts. Worst case scenario – I buy Christmas gifts and give homemade birthday presents this year.

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