Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Excited to Stop


That's how I felt yesterday afternoon. I arrived home to a small trailer in the driveway and could not contain my excitement at the contents. One piano and one piece of toast, which was hilarious to me in my giddiness. I kept saying, "Dave. There is a piece of toast in here. Isn't that funny?" I guess he didn't really think so.

I immediately went inside and started what I can only describe as nesting. I thought, "ok... this wall is where I want the piano. So let's clear a path from the door to this wall." And yes, sometimes my house is so cluttered I have to clear a path. Then I thought, "ok... now that this wall is clear, what do we do with this stuff that was moved?" And then we moved that stuff. And we hung up old artwork that hadn't been hung, and I accessorized a couple new areas that "needed" accessories. And then we moved more stuff until the whole room was rearranged. I cleaned off the kitchen table clutter and the coffee table clutter and I dusted our awesome new-to-us/VINTAGE WOODEN THEATER SEATS! that Dave got me for an anniversary gift from a fun little salvage shop downtown. I said to Dave, "Dave. Do you see this house? We're real grown-ups! Isn’t this cute?" But I feel like just saying you're a grown-up probably makes it not true. He replied, "weird." And we moved on.
In my excitement of cleaning and organizing and making room for my new things, I ran around skipping from one project to the next. At one point, I dragged our yellow armchair from one end of the living room to the other and got distracted halfway through, leaving the armchair in the middle of the room while I piled up some books on the coffee table. How is it possible to be so easily distracted that while dragging furniture across your house, you forget what you're doing? Decorating high. That's how.

Then I decided to vacuum. We do not have a vacuum, so we often go looooong periods of time between finding one to borrow. It's gross. But, a vacuum was borrowed and I vacuumed. That's how much I love my new piano and my new theater seats.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful! I always knew this day would come...when Little Clutter Steffy would grow up! Unfortunately you are my daughter and the clutter gene will kick in again...sorry! Can't wait to see it in person NEXT WEEK!!!!



kelli said...

I just CRACKED UP about the toast. That whole scene was hilarious to me. Congratulations on your piano. I kind of have a soft spot for them myself.