Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Customer Service

I feel that tooting my horn is a little necessary right now for you to really get the context here.

I am awesome at customer service. Seriously. If someone calls me and has the wrong number, I sometimes Google the place they're trying to reach in order to give them the right number. Sometimes when we do our yearly surveys through the office, people will make additional comments at the end that say things like, "Ms. Hagen was encouraging and helpful. Outstanding customer service." (literally) It is my best trait as an employee, hands down. The people I work with agree.

Ok, horn tooting done.

Yesterday I talked with someone on the phone who was worried about the package we sent to him. He didn't have it yet, so I offered to find the tracking number and contact our shipping company, which is totally part of my job and nothing out of the ordinary. The shipment was on time and was scheduled to be delivered to him today. Which I told him. He sounded a little more aggrivated than he should have, but it was fine.

Today he called me just before lunch to say he didn't have his package yet, to which I responded that the shipping company sometimes won't deliver until afternoon depending on your place in their route, but that I had confirmed the tracking yesterday and the shipment looked like it was on time and in route. And yes, this is all boring, but here is the notable part.

He said, "what is a tracking number, anyway?"
I said, "basically it's just a number that's assigned to each pa..."
He said, "NO! Listen for a minute! I'm going out of town tomorrow! I need this package today!"
I said, "..."
He said, "give me the number."
I did.
He said, "I'll do it myself."
I said, "ok."
He was silent.
I was silent.
He hung up.

What the heck was that all about?

So I took my lunch break early and blogged about it because that's how I relieve stress. It kind of worked.

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Julie Hill said...

As your former supervisor, I can confirm that you are excellent at customer service. Fact.