Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday Sun and Song

I got very little sleep last night. I was awake on and off for the last half of my allotted sleep time, so I'm a bit hazy. I'm hopefuly, as always, that the weekend will remedy that.

I have plans to overhaul my bedroom this weekend (which consists of doing obscene amounts of laundry) so it matches my newly totally awesome living room. I want to actually sew the pillows that I've had sitting in my craft room for about 6 months and decorate the wall above the piano... I'm itching to try one of those collection walls that are really popular right now. They're just a mishmash of inspiration and lovliness, different frames and art styles and shapes, basically a wall installment example of what my soul tries to be. I'd also really like to drag Dave to the drive-in to see two completely cheese-ball action movies (The Expendables and Predators... basically a film example of what Dave's soul longs to be) and hopefully do a little bit of sleeping and dancing tucked into all that fun.

This song makes me want to open the blinds, turn on the ceiling fan and dance around the living room all weekend. Please do watch it. Or at least listen to it while you're checking your emails. Happy weekending, friends! - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, "Home"

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