Monday, August 9, 2010

Friday Was Interesting

I'm kind of clumsy. You know, the type of clumsy where sometimes you're casually leaving a Laundromat and you inexplicably fall in a parking lot and sprain both ankles, and break and chip one of them, too? Right. That type.

So Friday evening I was at home waiting for Mr. Hagen to get home from the studio. I grabbed a quick snack of almonds and orange juice and plopped down on our giant bean-bag (called the Supersac) to watch a little Food Network before Dave got home.

Now, there's something you should know about the Supersac. When you kick it and punch it and flip it over, it becomes very large. Probably 4 feet tall. This is the most comfortable way to use the Supersac. It creates a nice little nest that's so very comforting and cozy. I love the nest effect. I like to keep the things I need on hand at the top edges of the nest. My phone, the remote, the nail polish, the puppy (when we had one), whatever it was I needed on hand.

So Friday, the phone and the remote are propped nicely above me on the nest and I'm eating my almonds and minding my own business when 'zip' the phone slides down the nest directly into my cup of orange juice. Completely submerged. COVERED top to bottom. So, obviously, I panicked. Because I have an iPhone. And they're kind of expensive. And we kind of don't like to spend money on things like that. And in my panic, I whipped the phone out of the cup and knocked the remote down the nest slide. 'Zip' into the glass of orange juice. In frustration, I jumped out of the Supersac (which actually requires a great deal of muscle) and of course, spilt the juice. Onto my favorite blanket. And onto the Supersac.

Because I'm from a lake town, I know the first issue of business when you drop your phone into the lake (or orange juice) is to put it in a bowl of rice. I wiped as much juice as I could off the phone and plopped it into a bowl of sushi rice, popped the batteries out of the remote and stuck the end of that in the rice also. And then sat patiently for Dave to get home to fix the mess I had created. What good are handy husbands if not for fixing the electronics you broke?

So, he did. The remote works. The iPhone, um, sort of? works? I can receive calls and texts and can even respond to the calls and texts if I do it right. But the home button doesn't work, and that means I can't switch between functions without turning the phone off and back on. So whatever is happening with the phone now is a temporary fix and Mr. Handy Hagen will be taking the phone apart again very soon.

Moral of the story: maybe the nest isn't the best option.

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The Hagens said...

o my, steph, sounds like an exciting couple of minutes in the nest! so glad YOU weren't damaged in the midst of it all! :) hope you are able to fix everything. and maybe u need to have your handy hubby build a shelf that you can put stuff on while you are in your nest. :)