Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Life List - Part ONE

On my list of very favorite people that I've never met, Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind is somewhere at the top with Jemaine Clement and The Little Mermaid. She started documenting something recently called Project Life List that's well... exactly what it sounds like. Some people call them bucket lists these days. Make a list of the things you want to do, experience, or accomplish in your life. Then do them.

Because Erin's list is so much fun and so inspiring (seriously, check it out,) I'm making one too! Some things on my list are going to be easy to accomplish. Some will be a challenge, but hopefully worth the challenge. I've been working on this list forever. For some reason it's awfully difficult for me to remember this kind of stuff when I'm sitting at a computer. So, here is the first half of my Project Life List:

1. Sew myself a dress that is functional and flattering.
2. Give someone $1000 that really really needs $1000.
3. Invent 100 really tasty recipes and remember to write them down.
4. Understand my camera.
5. Take a picture of my feet in every pair of shoes I own.
6. Be very afraid of something - and do it anyway.
7. Return to Haiti.
8. Learn again how to hula hoop.
9. Doodle an entire white wall with black Sharpie's.
10. Write a book/ get published.
11. Successfully plant and maintain a small garden.
12. Bake a pie from scratch.
13. Design a tattoo for someone. (Not for myself.)
14. Have a career that I'm proud of and encouraged by.
15. Build a dollhouse.
16. Take a road trip with my sisters.
17. Kick debt firmly in the rear.
18. Throw a costume party.
19. Build a fort.
20. Inspire someone.
21. Name my first daughter Adeline.
22. Learn Creole.
23. Volunteer on the set of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition or for Habitat for Humanity.
24. Create a really fancy table setting for a holiday party.
25. Complete a coloring book.
26. Take a summer vacation with my husband. Just us. (Can you believe we've never done that?)
27. Get my wedding photos printed.
28. Write and Illustrate 5 children's books.
29. Learn to drive a stick-shift.
30. Ride a Ferris Wheel at night. Preferably holding cotton candy.
31. Start a family tradition.
32. Start a non-profit organization.
33. Climb a tree.
34. Have lunch with either the Little Mermaid or Erin Loechner.
35. Adopt.
36. See the Northern Lights.
37. Attend a concert at the Ryman.
38. Ignore the voice of artistic failure.
39. Learn to love mornings.
40. Choose a tree from the forest, chop it down, and put it in my house for Christmas.
41. Have the occasion to wear a really fancy, old-timey hat.
42. Convince my husband to do photo booth pictures with me. His current reaction to my suggestion is blantant refusal.
43. Participate in a flash mob.
44. Be in a room filled with balloons.
45. Cover my cul-de-sac with sidewalk chalk art.
46. Go up in a hot air balloon.
47. Trust better.
48. Give a puppy as a Christmas gift. Red bow around the neck, obviously.
49. Reupholster the vintage armchair I bought at the flea market.
50. Figure out 50 more things for my Project Life List.

I'm really excited about my little list here. If you decide you want to make one, let me know. We can be PLL buddies. Or pals. PLL pals sounds better, right?


The Hagens said...

51. Travel to the Philippines to visit my brother and sister-in-law and great nephews and niece! :)

Angie Fenton said...

I LOVE this list.