Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Idea Bank

I have about 400 life-changing ideas a month. I always think, THIS IS IT! THIS is the idea. And a mind-racing obsession begins. And I think and think and plan and think until I get stuck or until I have another life-changing idea.

So I had another one. But I really mean it this time.

This idea is actually an idea that puts my too-many-ideas issue to use. (Are you sick of the word "idea" yet? Because this is only the beginning, folks.) This idea is one that supports all the things I love, works with my past and present passions, and even (believe it or not) turns the things I'm not good at into an asset. Doesn't that idea sound awesome? Well you're right. It is.

Because I don't want to release this idea until it makes complete sense and seems like an actual possibility, I'm not going to tell you what it is. I need help with it, so I've told a few people and I needed to talk it through a bit before it made complete sense. So I've been doing that this week.

What I can tell you is this: it's a non-profit organization idea. I've wanted to start a non-profit organization for years and the sudden collision of several of my life-changing ideas recently led me to this one, all encompassing, idea. Starting a non-profit is even on my Project Life List (#37)! Right now I know nothing about starting a business and that's the scary part. I know a little about running a business but that's about the end of my expertise. But even with that in mind, I feel motivated, hopeful, and inspired.

Sorry if that's too cryptic of a post. I hate it when bloggers do that. But it's on my mind in a big big way and it's all I can think about today.

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