Monday, November 8, 2010

It's About That Time

Sneaking up ever so slowly (or not so slowly if you watch TV or go to the store or listen to the radio...) is The Holiday Season. Obviously that warrants uppercases.

Last year, Mr. Hagen and I negotiated a fantastic treaty that includes me getting a real tree this year, which I've been begging for since we got married. Also, we have a fireplace and I bought buckets full of 75% off Christmas decor last year. Those things combined have really got me itching to start Christmassing up the house. But I won't. I will ignore the stacks of wonderful Christmas music and the containers of garland and lights and I won't start making holiday snacks yet.

I won't.

Really, I won't.

But with all the gusto I can muster (that phrase is just asking to be put in a dance song) I plan to prepare for The other Holiday Season. Thanksgiving falls between Halloween and Christmas. Did you remember that? Because I think Wal-Mart forgot. My Thanksgiving will be different this year and I'm really excited about the whole week. Air travel, hotels, Cracker Barrel, beaches, new dresses... basically just a lot of awesome things.

And there's really no point to this blog post, but as I just discussed with my mom, most blog posts really have no point anyway. So there's that.

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Carly said...

My Thanksgiving is going to consist of a lot of the same things as yours. Go figure! :) Except I'm driving. Yikes! lol.