Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Losing It

I just laughed out loud at a noise I heard from the construction project upstairs because I imagined a person making that noise and the look "she" had on her face while making it was hilarious. It's a slow and interesting decent to crazy, friends.

Yesterday I dropped a banana pepper, 2 peanuts, and a dime under my desk. What I found when I finally got down there (the banana pepper was the tipping point. a dime and a couple of peanuts aren't too gross. a banana pepper really warrants a small tidying up.) was a nickle and three paper clips. And that's it. THAT'S IT!

And because everything is better in sets of three: I created 3 new iPhone hobbies in the past 3 days. That's one per day, if you're counting.

But I do believe that being slightly crazy gives me more credibility as an artist. So there's that.

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