Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This week marks the anniversary of my first date with my husband 8 years ago. That first date was a group trip to the Elk's Lodge to play Bingo. A few things I remember about that date: 1. Courtney won 2. I sat across from Dave and 3. man that room was smoky.
In the 8 years since that date, I've tried to surprise Dave with all sorts of different things. He figures it out every time. Which really sucks all the fun out of surprises.
As a small celebration of our first-date anniversary, I planned a fun surprise for Dave. One of our favorite bands from Missouri, Ha Ha Tonka, is from our college town. We've talked a few times about the fact that we wish they'd come to Nashville, but they never had. When I realized that they were finally coming to Music City AND that it was the same week as our first-date anniversary, I immediately snatched up two tickets. Interested tid bit: Ha Ha Tonka is also the name of the state park in between my childhood house and Dave's childhood house (about 10 minutes apart) that we've driven past about 40 million times. Nostalgia all around!

So about a month before the show, I asked the Mr. to leave work early that day because I was planning a surprise. Mwaahhah. He picked me up and we made our way inside Exit/In. Rocky Votalato was the headliner, so even as we were entering the venue, Dave didn't know why we were there. When we got inside, Dave saw "Ha Ha Tonka" scrawled next to the guest list. SURPRISE! It totally worked.


nathaniel said...

I was there on your first date!


nathaniel said...

So, it's technically MY anniversary, too.