Friday, November 5, 2010

Random Observations for the Weekend

Friday brain is very similar to scrambled eggs. So today's blog is very similar to a breakfast platter... random things put all together in one place.

- All I want to do this weekend is sleep, watch movies, cook, and relax.
- The idea of the heater being on in my house right now + the fact that Dave is home until lunch = I very much want to cuddle on the couch under a blanket and take a nap.
- I'm shrinking. My diet and exercise plan is going well... my pants are all too big.
- It's only seventeen days until I go to Texas! Three cheers for a sweet beach wedding, a new sister, dress up clothes, and vacation!
- I wanted to put a swing in the living room, but my husband "logisticsed" me out of it.
- Bluegrass and fall are soul mates.
- In an act of some weird male solidarity thing, my husband and the guys he's working with this week have decided to all sport mustaches while they're tracking bass guitar.
- It's a good thing my husband has been getting home after dark because I don't particularly enjoy the "solidarity 'stache."
- The music business is a strange bird.

- Hurricane Tomas is about to hit Haiti and there are 1.2 million people living in tents. Tents don't hold up well to hurricanes, I'd imagine. Pray for Haiti, please.
- This Sunday I'll be attending an adoption/orphan care picnic at church that I'm really excited about!
- The next Sunday is an adoption fundraiser where we'll be selling tote bags, t-shirts, and coloring books all designed by me to help these nice folks.
- The two instruments that I like the most: piano and ukelele. My two least favorite instruments: harpsichord and accordion.
- My two new obsessions: sunflower seeds in salad. Lots and lots of sunflower seeds in salad. AND Kings & Queens "Queen Elizabeth Sugar" body butter. I put it on my hands and just sniff my palms all day long.
- Apparently guests who bought the former lotion from Target also bought bicycles. Hello Kitty bicycles to be exact.
- I need to stop rambling.

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