Friday, November 19, 2010

Two Years!

Today's my blog anniversary. My blogiversary. Thanks for checking in with me over the years. (Ha. Like it's been SOO long.) It's weird for me to go back and read through old posts. I hadn't quite found my voice yet, as they say in the writing world. But here it is! My voice! The one where I say "kind of" and "super" a lot and I use far too many commas.

Do you know what I'd really like for my blogiversary? I'd like you to leave a comment telling me how cool you are. I mean, I already know how cool you are, but if you type it in the comments section, everyone else can see it too. Example: "My name is Steph - I'm cool because I used to hate salad and I taught myself how to love it." Or "Hi, my name is Dave - I'm cool because I'm married to a lady who taught herself how to love salad." See what I did there? But really, its so easy and it would SERIOUSLY make my day. Please note: Google Analytics tells me how many people look at my blog. And where they're from. (twilight zone music inserted here)

And lastly, as a super-awesome-one-of-a-kind-blogiversary-bonus (I'm really not enjoying the word blogiversary at this point) I'm going to give a CUSTOM PAINTING (like the one below) away to a random commenter! So, why are you cool? Get crackin'!


Anonymous said...

Hi-my name is Sandi and I'm way, way cool. I'm cool cause I birthed a wonderful son, DAVE, who is too cool for words, and is married to the ultra cool STEPHANIE who has more talent in her little toe than I have in my whole body!

Matt said...

Hi, my name is Erin, and I'm cool because (among other things) I color coordinate the clothes in my closet just like Steph ;)

Kelli said...

I'm Kelli, and I'm cool because I like to knead bread, start projects and not finish them until weeks or months later, read really random books like Napoleon's Buttons, and claim to love organization but leave my desk looking like a cyclone hit it.

nathaniel said...

Gimme that painting! That would make a wonderful tattoo! ;)


LilStarOfTexas said...

Hi, my name is Evelyn, and I'm cool because orange. Also, turtle shoe. (I love your painting! And your blog, even if I did just discover it a couple of weeks ago. I feel a craft night is in our future...)