Tuesday, November 16, 2010


That's how my youngest sister, whom I will see in one week(!), used to pronounce Texas. And taxi was taski and ask was aks. And when she was little bitty, she had no front teeth for a very long time after a terrible porch step accident and she cut her own bangs way too short and got a really awful Dorothy Hamil/scarecrow haircut. Oh what a sweet hillbilly baby she was. She totally made up for that though, because now she's super gorgeous. Also she's graduating high school this year. That's weird.

Anyway. Texas. I'm leaving in a week. A WEEK, GUYS! It's kind of all I can think about. And by kind of I mean it's ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. So to prepare myself for the journey ahead, the Tuesday list (as started here) is all about my packing list for Texas. Packing lists are a family tradition started by my grandpa on my dad's side. My dad does them, and now I'm carrying on the wonderful tradition.

Things to pack for TX:

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LilStarOfTexas said...

yes! Lists rule. I make packing lists for Texas too. Separate ones for each family member (including Fidget), and one for where things go in the car, and what goes in the cooler, etc. I have vowed many times to put these lists in a Database On The Computer so I don't have to rewrite them every time, but somehow handwritten lists just work better for me. (hey, this is Evelyn by the way :)