Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Fun

It's no secret that I live in an awesome neighborhood. On Labor Day, we decided to have a neighborhood grill party and it was really fun. Here are some of my amateur pictures of the afternoon. I'm a fan of blurry photos; my husband can tell you. It's not an excuse to take bad pictures (though I do need a valid excuse... let me know if you think of one I can use.) Hence the wavy arms and legs and such. I think it's fun.
Good, good, good food. Lean hamburgers with a grilled portabello mushroom, turkey bacon, and A1 on top. My faaaaavorite. The not-even-full-yet grill, in all its tasty glory.

A little baseball action, with fierce pitching skills by little Micah and excellent batting form from Mr. Griffin and Mr. Hagen, obviously.

There's a group we like to call "the interns" of younger (closer to my age than the rest of the neighborhood, but we pretend like I'm older for some reason?) folks who hang out with us sometimes too. This is Intern Ian playing frisbee with what I can only assume was someone very short. Either that or throwing frisbee in this squatty position was another part of the weird game they were playing wherein they could only throw and catch a football with their elbows in at their hips. Why did I not take a picture of that?
And the cutest little pirate you ever did see. When asked, "are those shoes just the cutest?" Little Amilie replied, "yep." But seriously. Just the cutest.

More fun I didn't get pictures of: finding a giant frog and catching it (turns out giant frogs urinate very very much when feeling threatened,) the "can you eat that chunk of watermelon in 30 seconds without utensils?" wager, and so much more. There are several houses in our neighborhood for sale, if you're jealous. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

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