Friday, September 17, 2010


Do you ever have those days leading into weeks leading into months where you feel like you haven't even sat down? I kind of feel like that lately. Like... all day every day I'm busy. And I don't stop. It's an exaggeration, I know, because I have a lot more free time than SOME people I know. Ahem. Husband who works at least 2 jobs a day and friend who has like, 4 jobs to do from home while also watching 3 kids under the age of 6. Pretend you're not hearing me complain, k?

I work. I come home. I exercise, shower, cook dinner, eat dinner, maybe do a load of laundry and clean up the kitchen mess I made while cooking, maybe get my lunch ready for the next day, maybe see my friends in the evenings, try to write a little (blog or journaling normally) and then it's already time for bed. How do you grown-ups do it?! Don't you just get so worn out?

Anyway... (I almost typed "I digress" here, but every time I see that phrase I feel like it should be yelled. Like... IIII DIGRESS!! With my arms pushed out to the side and my head leaning forward with my eyes closed. Why is that? Is it from a movie or something?)

One of the weekly activities I have is a pottery class. I LOVE my pottery class. Yes, it takes up one whole evening, but it's worth it. It's messy and creative, I'm meeting fun new people, and I'm learning a new form of art, which is always fun for me. And bonus, I brought my camera along this week!

It turns out, I love to make teeny little things. I made a tiny bowl made of clay buttons (featured here) as my first project, and the last two weeks were spent making 3 tiny animals and another fun little tiny project that cannot be mentioned at this time because it has Christmas implications.

This is my friend and neighbor Amanda. She made a snake and a spider for her 4 year old son.

I'm really trying to get over my fears and insecurities of posting pictures I take on the blog, so I'm dragging my camera everywhere with me. If you judge me for my photo-taking skills, it will break my heart. You do not want my broken heart on your conscious... so for your OWN PEACE OF MIND, just don't judge. AND our Teacher-Who-Is-So-Much-Fun is actually a photographer also, and I asked him to take a few pictures of class this week. Because, you know, being the teacher means he has to do whatever random thing I've asked and not help anyone else in class? Why did I ask him to take pictures? Note for next class to self: don't be a Josh-hog.

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