Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Details are Scary

A couple months ago I had a teeny little idea for a non-profit organization. The idea snowballed very quickly and became my newest obsession. I'm still very much interested in this idea of mine. I've had a few people help me out, one or two specifically who have helped me immensely, and I've given out a few little details here and there. I haven't discussed it much because... well... I'm nervous!

I've got the general overview of the organization planned out in my head. I know how it will work, what it's named, what our logo will look like, things we can accomplish, ways we can help the world be a better place. You know, all the really important things. But do you know what doesn't make sense? When I'll have time to accomplish these goals, how many people will be willing to work with me (the organization uses a lot of people working together), how much money it will take to get the first little ball rolling, when to talk about my idea, how to promote it, etcetera infinity.

I know nothing about starting or running a business, for starters. I have little money to invest in the front end, only a handful of people who are working with me (as of now), and ideas galore. How does one make sense of these things? Where does it go from here? Any tips for a lady who's equally passionate and clueless?

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Kelli said...

Decide what needs to be done next, and break it down into manageable tasks, asking for help when needed. Repeat infinitum.

You can DO IT!