Monday, December 6, 2010

The Perfect Tree

I've had a pestering little cough for a few days and was out of comission for several fun things this weekend. The good news is, I got in lots of naps and time wrapped in blankets watching movies. Including, but not limited to, 3 Hallmark Christmas movies in one day. Have you ever watched a Hallmark Christmas movie? They're kind of all the same. Someone died and their spouse/fiancee/child hasn't been able to celebrate Christmas since. They meet someone new and their life is now in a good Christmas celebration place. The end. Really... all three of the movies I watched that day had that same exact story. Also Lauren Holly... and really, I watched OVER half of a movie with Lauren Holly in it before I realized it was her. Botox is bad news, people.

Anyway... Saturday night Dave and I braved the cold to go on a hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Or so I thought. In my mind it was snowing and my hair was curled and my nose was pink and Dave was driving a mini-van so he could tie The Perfect Tree to the top of the van and we wandered through the tree lot with the lights above us and children somewhere were singing Christmas carols.

In real life we drove to the fenced area at Lowe's, realized they only had short trees left, Dave asked the guy which one was best, and that was it. But then the guy working there mentioned that someone had a tree held and never came to pick it up and we could have it if we wanted it.

It was the only tree above 6 or 7 feet they had left and JACKPOT, it ended up being The Perfect Tree. So so perfect. It's just the right amount of tall and just the right amount of wide. So even though the hunt for the tree wasn't exactly what I had pictured, it all worked out. Christmas miracle.

Here's my beauty. Isn't she lovely? I want to keep her there all year. Though, we'd probably need to get a vacuum...

(Also, I have better pictures, but they're currently trapped inside my camera)

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