Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Loose Ends

Like 14 years ago when I got home from Texas, I told you I'd post pictures. But then Dave was in charge of pictures and he didn't upload all of them on to the computer and I don't know how to work a Mac and it didn't happen. So you can send an email to Mr. Hagen if you want to see those pictures, but mostly he's going to tell you that he's busy working all day every day and soooo sorry if he doesn't have time to do whatever we ask whenever we ask because he's fixing my car and trying to record a new album and start and finish two construction projects, etc. Excuses.

Also, I posted a giveaway about 15 years ago for a little watercolor, and then things got "cray cray" as the kids these days say, and I never posted the winner. Who was (drumroll) my very sweet Missouri friend, Erin. First, I should tell you that I love Erin and her whole family. They're super awesome and secondly, I keep trying to convince them to move to my neighborhood here in Tennessee. Do you know what's better than a Missouri friend? A Tennessee friend; that's what. So Erin, go ahead and tell me what picture you want turned into a watercolor, and I'll hang it up down the street in the house for rent. You can see it when you move in.

And also this: please don't misread my post yesterday and think that holidays are all about me sitting weeping somewhere hoping Christmas is over. I still much prefer holidays to normal days and if I have a day or two that are sad days, it's all ok. I'm still high up above the depression hole and haven't fallen in in quite some time. A couple of bad days isn't going to change that, thank you very much. That's all God's fault. He has seriously kept me from a dark place I almost expected to be after this much trying without getting pregnant. Sometimes it's sad, but mostly I'm fine. Really. I'd tell you if I weren't.

Tadaaaa!!! Wrapped up all my loose ends in just three paragraphs. I think... is something missing?

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