Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gifts Galore

I know the internet is full to the brim with gift guides. But holy smokes are they fun to put together. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and have (not exaggerating) 153 websites bookmarked in my favorites bar. Exessive? Maybe. Inspirational? Absolutely. So, I'm passing on my chronic web-treature-hunting expertise to you and helping you find some unique gifts for Christmas. You're welcome.

First off, the music lover. Bonus points if your music lover is also a DIY enthusiast. This is a create your own music box kit. Isn't that fun? I think so.

Next up, the crafty friend. Washi tapes are seriously all the rage right now. They're everywhere and they're SO multi-functional. This variety pack of washi tapes is super cute, super on trend, and a super unique gift.This sweet little carrying case would be good for several types of people. Great for moms to stick in diaper bags, great for any woman who desperately needs a cute make up bag, great for the kids who love to stick their treasures in different places. It just works. And it's just cute.For the handyman, this tiny screwdriver set. Dave's got a set of mini screwdrivers that he uses pretty often, and they're really handy to have around the house, in the car, or at the office. Under $10? Even better.
Seriously I can't get enough of these little nesting doll measuring cups. Good for the gal in your life who loves to cook OR the gal in your life who hates to cook, but really likes a cute kitchen. Win-win.

For the avid reader, these Out of Print t-shirts are perfect. Anyone can run to Old Navy and grab a generic shirt, but showing your second cousin that you really care about his interests is easy to fake with a fun shirt like this. Check out the Out of Print website for a TON of really great options.

For the newest fashionista. The moment I saw these booties, I fell in love. Mustard yellow, leather straps, knee-high booties for the teeniest chubby feet. Perfection.

For the dork who doesn't really want anything or need anything, I love this Etsy site. More unique shirts perfect for that dorky friend who's impossible to buy gifts for. Not that I have any of those...This little headband is perfect for... say... a blogger/artist/free-spirited-20something-redhead. You know... in case you needed a gift for such a person.
Do you have any go-to gifts this year that are unique and interesting? Leave them in the comments so we can all share your awesome expertise.

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