Friday, October 1, 2010


Once upon a time the craft space in my house was organized, it was decorated and lovely. The loveliest of rooms. There was a place for every tiny notion. All the little scraps were tucked neatly into drawers and teeny suitcases. I even have documentation that such loveliness truly existed.
Here's the post about my craft room where you can see said documentation.

Now... if you are prone to fainting, or shouting profanities, or harming small animals, I'd suggest going ahead and leaving the blog now. Don't continue to the next little bit here, because whatever is inside of you that is prone to such things is also the part of you that will feel such an intense level of guilt over the harm you caused after seeing the following picture, that you will be unable to face me in person for fear that your rage will surface again. This is the current state of what was once a very, very lovely room.

How much art do you suppose I am able to accomplish in here? If you supposed, 'none' then your supposing skills are spot on. I can't even walk into the room.

I honestly had good intentions when this room started meandering toward this degree of chaos. I was getting ready for a garage sale and a binge and a reorganization. About 3/4 of the way through, magically the above mess happened. That cardboard box on the right is garage sale stuff. That cardboard box on the left is all trash. That broken TV right at the bottom of the picture is my husband's fault. I sure wish I could blame more of this on him.

My ONE GOAL this weekend is to work on this room. I've asked Mr. Hagen to move the broken tv and the trash box today because he's much stronger than I am and I'm hoping my size 8.5 feet can squeeze their way into the room after that. I have high hopes. I accomplish things when the weather is nice. I am positive that I'll enjoy having space to let my creativity flow and produce.

I'm totally guilty for creating a mess, and I'm hoping sometime next week I can prove that my room is capable of loveliness again. I wonder if I can clean with my fingers crossed.

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The Hagens said...

i don't envy you that job - but just think how good it will feel to have it DONE!