Wednesday, October 13, 2010

8 Days a Week

Ok, actually only 7. But, for some reason a title for this blog post escaped me and that's all I could think of. You've heard over and over from me that I get ideas in my head that will.not.leave. until I make them. For about 3 weeks I've been desperately needing a trip to the craft store to get balsa wood. Well, I made the trip, and immediately got to work on this nagging idea.

A calendar! I saw some birch desk calendars online here and thought they were the cutest things. Then I was introduced to Lisa Rupp a couple days later and fell in love with her art. Her designs have a very similar feel to my designs, and I thought, if she can do it... I should at least give it a shot! So I did. This one is for my own personal use... so I created some designs that are very similar to hers. If I were ever to sell a balsa wood calendar, I'd obviously create new designs. I was just desperate to complete this project and get it out of my head!

I love it. I can't wait until January when I can start using these little pretties!

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The Hagens said...

love it steph! so cool.