Wednesday, October 6, 2010

With Much Rejoicing and Fanfare

You may recall the disaster zone that was my craft room. I posted it last week. You probably threw up.

Well, my friends, I'd like to present to you: the current state of my craft room.


I think my mom summed up the way I clean nicely yesterday when she said, "I know HOW you clean. You clean for 10 - 15 minutes and then you discover a picture that needs scanned and put on facebook. Or you discover a piece of wood that would make a WONDERUL wall decoration.....or a little piece of ribbon that you have been looking for.....I say poohoo with cleaning! Create! Love! Laugh! Paint! And this philosophy is why we Herzogs laugh a lot, make music, color each other's hair...and live in incredibly messy houses! Paint that on your piece of wood and hang it in the craft room!"

I actually DO want to put that on the wall. "Laugh a lot, make music, color each other's hair and live in incredibly messy houses." I love it. And that's precisely why it took me three days to clean that mess. I found 156 pictures that needed to go in a new album. I found a box of all my old "Dave" stuff and sorted through that for an hour and a half. Movie ticket stubs from 2002, playdough rockets, dried leaves, barnacle covered clam shells, receipts from hotel stays... mostly junk, but all meaningful junk. Which, you may have guessed, is my very favorite type of junk.

And speaking of that husband of mine.... this is the light box he made for me. In action, nonetheless!

I had a miniature breakdown yesterday about the chaos of my life. How I feel like I'm never home doing nothing, that I've packed too much into my life, that I can't breathe, etc. (This weekend was an exception - I had loads of wonderful free time this weekend.) So I played hooky from the pottery class that I love so much. I sat in my craft room and organized my junk. Physically and emotionally.

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kelli said...

This looks AMAZING! Yay for cleaning and organizing!