Thursday, October 7, 2010


I am forever shrinking in comparison to my two younger sisters' awesomeness. Their awesome is way up high and getting higher with things like, "is in a band" and "not afraid of motorcycles" and my awesome is teeny tiny somewhere under, "loves post-it notes" and "cannot whistle."

When they were visiting a couple of months ago, we had decided that we'd each get a tattoo of a locket somewhere on our selves with the two other sisters' initial inside. WELL, I was luckily saved by the tattoo shop we went into and I didn't have to publicly chicken out. Thank you tattoo shop for your ridiculous prices.

But awesome little sisters that they are, those two monkeys still want their locket tattoos. Emily, the youngest of all four kids in the family, just got her tattoo this week. Can you even believe that? Don't you remember her coming home from the hospital? Do you remember when she had all of her top 4 front teeth taken out and was the cutest little toothless thing until years later? Do you not recall all of that? Because I do. And the thought of that sweet little itty bit with her stick straight hair and her non-stop energy getting a TATTOO just makes me want to cry a little.

I mean... she IS grown up now. See?
But now she's even more grown up because she has a TATTOO.

I sketched out some ideas for the three of us while they were here. Different locket shapes and letter styles and level of detail, etc. I figured we'd kind of combine aspects of them and each pick whichever one suited our fancy the most. Emily is a traditional, simplistic gal when it comes to design. Christina is very forward thinking and a bit edgy, and I'm somewhere noncategorial. Kind of bohemian and cutesy. Is it possible to be both of those things? Well, this is the design Emily chose.

Which means.... drumroll please.... that I designed a tattoo. I have permanent art in the universe. That's just very cool to me. So cool, in fact, that I put it on my Project Life List a while back as #13. So that's TWO things I've checked off the list now, friends.

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