Wednesday, March 2, 2011

That's A Lot of Stuff

There was such a time when I had Bible study on Monday evenings, pottery class on Tuesday evenings, youth group and mentoring on Wednesdays, health coaching on Thursday, and anything else I had to do during the week on Fridays, such as grocery shopping or seeing my husband. I was also trying to get pregnant, keep two art shops and three blogs alive, start a non-profit business, completely change the way I care for my body, and you know... have a life. You might imagine that this was a bit of a hectic time for me. You'd be imagining correctly.

But several of those things are done now, and I keep sitting at home lately and thinking, "it's Tuesday. What is it I'm supposed to do on Tuesday?" And when the answer is 'nothing' I kind of breathe out and dance a teeny jig or make up a song (which I do ALL the time.)

Speaking of making up songs, the other day I was at Target looking through the clearance racks with my friend Amanda, and I sang out, "I love CLEARAAAAANCE!" I turned to Amanda who, turns out, wasn't Amanda but a mid-40's frowny woman who only slightly nodded when I sang her my clearance song. I couldn't decide if I should tell her I thought she was someone else or to just let it slide, but by the time I stopped figuring out a way to recover, I figured it was too late to be smooth about it anway. Which was realistically impossible, I'm sure.

So anyway, I'm cooling down. I'm thinking and living purposefully and I like it a lot. Who would've guessed?

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Mikalah said...

Wow, that does sound like a lot to have on your plate! I was the same way for a while and had to really pare down what I was involved with. It's hard at first, but so worth the sense of peace that you get from it!

Also- the clearance story, awesome! I have definitely done something similar. If you had said that to me I would have burst into giggles and started singing with you! =) I LOVE Target Clearance too.