Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Making it a Happy Day

I'm cold and I'm sleepy, and it's gray and rainy out. So today, I'm gathering my own cheer.
I'm listening to great music.
I'm wearing my famous cheery yellow sweater (pictured on the right). I'm drinking two cups of french vanilla coffee.

I'm reorganizing. I'm skipping a free lunch because it's unhealthy and I'm not upset about it. I'm pretending to understand how Daylight Savings works.

I'm wishing for one of everything from Katie's shop - the cutest shop ever.

I'm looking at this face.

What are you doing to gather cheer?


Mikalah said...

Oh my gosh. That little piglet just about gave me a cute attack. So sweet! How can they get so ugly and smelly when they grow up???

the byrd said...

is the pig Babe or Wilbur? and why?

The Hagens said...

Ben wanted to know what the pig's name is. Then he read the note under the pic and decided his name must be "Cheer". He also wanted to know where you gathered the pig from? :)