Friday, March 4, 2011

A Big Story about a Little Idea

Once upon a time, there was a lady who called her self gypsy-hearted because she bounced from passion to passion and couldn't ever find "the thing" that made her happy for a long time. Well, I mean, her husband and her family and her friends made her really happy... but the other "thing."

Sometimes people would ask her, "If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be?" And she was like, "ummm.... well... I don't really know...." and she felt confused about her gypsy-heart. She couldn't understand herself and that was sad because movies and tv had taught her that she couldn't be happy until she figured her own life out.

Then one day, she went to Haiti and learned the names of 30 orphans. She held them and played with them and sang songs in Creole with them. They loudly knocked on her heart and marched themselves right in. And there they sat for months and months. The girl had dreams about the orphans, told stories about them, looked at pictures of them over and over. She wanted to do more.

After months of thinking about her friends in Haiti, she finally had an idea. She could help them. She couldn't adopt just yet, but she could help other people who could adopt. So she made t-shirts and tote bags and coloring books. She had about 70,000 other ideas of ways to raise money for adoptions, but she was "too busy" to put the ideas to use.

After another couple months of having new ideas, she had one big idea. One idea that made her very excited and very nervous. She thought, "surely I'm not the only gypsy-hearted artist who cares about orphans and about adoption. There have got to be more people like me." That day she wrote up an outline for a nameless idea that would put artists and adopting families together to raise money. Her wandering soul was so happy. She could keep coming up with new ideas, bounce around from project to project, help families, help orphans, meet new people, and be creative every day.
She began to tell people about her little idea, and they got excited too. They said very nice things about her idea and encouraged her to keep going with it. Friends and strangers offered to help and wanted to learn more. In just a few days, her little idea went from a fun personal project to a website with almost 800 views in one day. Her heart was exploding with happiness and thankfulness and excitement.

The End. Except it is not actually the end. It's just the beginning.

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