Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bean's Room

I may or may not be the most excited ever that my sister is planning to move to Nashville in a few months. I will understand if her plans fall through; I will be able to move on. Eventually.

But if all goes as planned, while she looks for a new job and apartment around town, she'll be staying with us. Because I want her to feel oh-so-welcome and maaaaybe because I can't stop the renovation train, I'm switching things up. I'm changing the art room into a guest bedroom! I'm super excited about this. SUPER excited. It also will help me move past the "someday this will be a nursery" feelings that I sometimes get in that room. (My friend Kristle wrote a blog post about this that you can check out here.) Moving on...

We've been slowly putting things in order around the house. I did yet another mantle remix, Dave has totally changed his studio space (pictured below), we're planning to paint the bedroom (if I ever do laundry) and now, I'm tackling the Bean's new room.
I want the room to fit in with the rest of the house, obviously, but I also want it to have a vintage-bohemian feel to it. I'm working on an inspiration board, and I've got a friend coming over tonight to help me purge and reorganize.

The only other thing we need is the sister, right?

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