Monday, January 31, 2011


There's kind of a strange thing happening around here. By here, I mean me. I'm going to use a lengthy metaphor here, so I hope I don't lose you. Not that I think I would lose you, I know you're all very smart folks and things like metaphors aren't necessarily that complicated. But really... it's lengthy.

So, you've heard the phrase, "when God closes a door, another one opens." Right? Well, I've been pacing around a windowless, doorless room for about two and a half years. I keep assuming a door or window would appear and i'd casually run for my life out of the door. It kept not happening. A week ago today, I had some friends pray for me. I was at the end of my windowless,doorless room rope and I needed some back up. And wouldn't you know it, a door appeared on Tuesday. Out of the blue. The door is still shut, or maybe open a crack, but there's a door. Wednesday, it opened just a crack more. Thursday, a window opened wide up. But there's this door still. And I'm awfully interested in this door. But the window. GUYS? The window seems like so much fun too.

So basically I'm trying to figure out if I can squeeze through the window, or if I should take my chances on this door.

Speaking in code wears me out.

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Julie Hill said...

Sounds to me like a no brainer. Have those friends pray for your decision and just LISTEN.

- Julie