Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Internets

Sometimes I hate the Internet. It's true. There's too much nonsense out in the world, and the Internet reminds me of that.

But usually I really love the Internet. Like, an inappropriate amount. I'll always be a pen and paper kind of girl at heart. I love to get the mail each day, I like homecooked meals, and I walk slowly through the grocery store. But the technology that is The Internet amazes and inspires me.

Earlier this week, my friend Kelli wrote a beautiful blog post (like she always does) about a friend from school showing a really sweet gesture. I'm a complete sucker for random acts of kindness, and her post was so touching (as they always are). Then in the comments at the end, oh you just have to read it yourselves. I about lost it.

Then one of my very best friends growing up sent me an email last week that was very sweet and thoughtful and just what I needed. This is the two of us at my wedding. Me and the beautiful bridesmaid, Cayla. I sure miss that lady. She's the cutest.

Don't you just love the Internet, sometimes?

1 comment:

Kelli said...

I DO love the interwebs.
(And thanks.)