Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Irrational Fears

As time goes on, I begin to realize that things I'm afraid of aren't the same things other people are afraid of. The incident that got me thinking about all of this was a couple days ago outside one of our favorite burrito places. Dave saw a concrete flower box and decided he needed to jump onto it from a stand still without using his hands. It was about thigh-high I would guess. The first time he jumped, he barely touched it with one hand. Tried again, used his hands again. Third time, SLAM. One shin busted open.


Well, the whole time Dave was practicing his feat of daredevilry, I was standing back with my hands on my face, shaking my head no. It was as if I was watching him bungee jump without an actual bungee. I was scared to death. For good reason obviously, as he now has a big gash and a knot the size of a ping pong ball on his leg. (Though I have a lovely cell phone picture of it, I'll spare you the sight.) But for the most part, my "oh no. This is not going to end well. This is a disaster; we're all going to die because you're doing that" instincts are incorrect.

Here are somethings you probably didn't know about me: I'm afraid to wear headphones in public because it makes it easier for people to sneak up on me. Sometimes when I get in the elevator, I stand in the very corner facing out because I'm afraid I somehow got into the elevator without seeing someone and they'll startle me when I realize they were in there after all. I cannot be in a pitch black room with other people because they might bump into me or worse... THEY WILL SNEAK UP ON ME. Do you see a trend here? What's the deal? Was I snuck up on a lot as a child?

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