Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh Tuesday. You Trickster.

I had the loveliest of weekends. I did the smallest bit of sewing on Friday evening.

Saturday, I had a super date night with Dave. We ate crab legs, went to the second run theater to see Social Network, and played darts at home. Proof of my amazing dart skills below.
Sunday, I was Super Crankypants after church so I napped. The nap fixed me, as they always do, and then I worked all evening on finishing up the blogging e-course I'm taking. It was really fun! I totally recommend it if you're a blogger, or you want to be.

And Monday, it was snowy again in Nashville, which is always fun for me. Work was called off due to the ~4" and the neighborhood played all day. We built two snowmen in my yard, we ate both lunch and dinner together, and we finally exchanged our Christmas gifts.

But we won't even talk about yesterday, though, ok? Because I'm trying to not complain, and getting me started on yesterday would surely break a few rules in that department. Suffice it to say, "the pits." Also let's go ahead and throw "dadgum" and "really?!" in there for good measure.

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