Friday, January 14, 2011

He's kind of a Big Deal

Once upon a time, some guy asked me if I'd be interested in moving to Nashville with him. I was like, "I guess since we're married, that'd be a good idea if we lived in the same state, plus HECK YES." And we set out on a grand adventure of life, college-from-a-distance, internships and work, learning to love new things, and holding on to the old things. It was every kind of wonderful and every kind of difficult.

I'm afraid I've voiced my opinion on the difficult part a bit too often. Being in the music business is haaaaard work. It requires the most ridiculous schedules, the exactly right connections, and the ability to live off little (or no) income for sometimes very long periods of time. This is also very hard for the spouse of a music industry worker, you may imagine. For example, scheduling anything, or spending time with said music industry worker.

But the wonderful part? Oh my, the wonderfulness. First of all, cool points. "Yeah, I'm in the music business." And "my husband's a recording engineer." Obviously that makes us cool, right? Note: significantly less cool when you live in a town where errybody in da club's in "the business." And also less cool because, well, for one, I'm not actually a very cool person. I'm more of a friendly person, or she-seems-smart-I-guess person. But aside from imaginary cool points, you get a life full of creativity.

A creative life may not seem important to you. But for heaven's sake, it is SO important. Coming from someone who has been told at work, "you need to NOT be creative here" in a completely serious conversation, and someone who is itching to be creative at every moment of the day, being in a profession that is creative at its core... well that's a big deal. Our home is full of music, and the fact that Dave gets to be surrounded by that every day, that he's got a never-ending passion and interest in his career, and he's encouraged to be creative... that is a BIG. DEAL.
Last week, we got a much anticipated paycheck from one of Dave's 2010 projects and were able to pay off a big chunk of debt. IT FELT SO GOOD. If everything goes smoothly (i.e. we don't have two cars break down and/or get in accidents like the last time we thought we'd be out of debt) in the next couple of weeks before we get the second half of his last 2010 paycheck, we will be completely debt free! YOU GUYS! DEBT FREE!

I've said it a million times - Dave is one of the hardest workers I've ever met. He's not just at work a lot, but he puts his whole self into everything he does; he's great at what he does. Just try goofing around while you're staining a fence with him. He's all business, folks.

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