Thursday, February 17, 2011

People are Sweet

Yesterday was a strange day. There was a lot of awesome in the morning, some really great around lunch time, and a moment of pretty significant disappointment in the afternoon, and then when I got home from work I had a beautiful surprise. No, not another headboard.One of the sweetest people I ever had the chance to meet is Kelli. She's been helping me all along the way with Straw Heart Project stuff, and she decided to send me this beautiful copper wire Straw Heart Project logo. I'm in love. Because of the aforementioned disappointment in the day, coming home to something like this was such a sweet surprise. Shocker, I teared up, but they were happy tears. Thanks, Kelli! For just being so awesome.


my best friend jules said...

How awesome is this! So cute! I love it how someone can totally light up your day! :)

Ps. I just found your blog. You've got heaps of loveliness here, will come visit you again for sure :)

xxx mervi

kelli said...

Hey. You're so welcome. <3