Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My art studio is in SERIOUS need of an overhaul. Mr. Hagen was in a pinch for some rubbermaid containers, so he raided my closet. Did you know that raiding a closet tends to empty all closet contents into the middle of the room? Because evidently, that's the case.

I have a super-duper ugly dresser in my room that is beyond being fixed with a can of paint and some new knobs. The first time I saw the dresser I thought, "No way." But there it was, being hauled into the back of Dave's truck. I've really had a problem with it ever since but was at a loss for what to do with it. I saw this image on Design Sponge and thought, well this may work!

I'm thinking I'll put the ugly facade of the dresser drawers underneath and leave the blank wood up top. Maybe I'll paint the top then - that could work. And then I was thinking about the empty shell of the dresser with no drawers. (I've used "ugly facade" and "empty shell" in this post already. It's starting to sound like an emo song.) And I thought, "I'll bet Dave could put some plywood or something in there and make an open faced storage unit." And guess what, that would DOUBLE the storage! DOUBLE IT. Now... to have the time and motivation for this project.... I'll get back with you about that.

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