Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My House

I am tired. TIRED. About nine hours of sleep combined from the last two nights is really significantly too little. Happiness to me right now is nothing more than walking through the front door of my house, kicking off my shoes, finding a pillow and a blanket, and sleeping all day through all these thunderstorms. I'm so sleepy, when I turn my head to look somewhere, my eyes follow behind, turning more slowly. You just tried to do that, didn't you? Mwahaha.

I just want to be in my house. Lounging on my couch with my shades down, listening to the storm through my napping haze. Just home, you know?

For my birthday last month, I received a gift certificate to a place that makes wall vinyls. You know, those sticker-like things that you can attach to your wall? No need to paint it on, or paint over it when you change your mind. They just peel off, which is perfect for a gypsy-hearted gal like myself.

Yesterday my vinyl came in the mail.

Here's what the wall now reads:

Of Light and Truth and Hope

I have learned a little bit
about lofty things and reality
as opposite as they are
and what I have learned is that
there are only a few things to count
on and a few things to wish for
and they are always the same things.

I decided to get the little poem I shared here a few weeks ago turned into wall art. It's just the reminder I need every day that most of my wanting is misplaced, that my real longing should be for the things I've already got.

Please disregard the sagging book shelf, the ugly light switches and air intake, the raggedy chair that will "one day" be reupholstered, etc. etc. But this is my house, and it's calling my name.

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Nic said...

I think it the sagging bookshelf, raggedy chair, and air intake all make a home a home.