Friday, July 2, 2010

Blank Space

Do you ever see an open white space and not think about doodling on it? Because I can't not think about it. It's like a nervous tick I have. I see something white and empty and I have to fill it.

Right now my brain is blank space. I have been going nonstop for about two months and right now I have nothing planned. I mean, I probably should clean or do at least a couple loads of laundry. Or maybe pick up the messes in my house or trim the hedges outside. But I'm really enjoying this white space. I try a little to fill it up with new popsicle recipes or movies at a friends house but that is the best kind of filler for blank space.

I have a THREE AND A HALF day weekend starting around noon today that includes: a backyard cookout, a trip to the farmer's market, a neighborhood party, fireworks from the tallest building downtown Nashville, looking at a car for sale, trying more popsicle recipes, sleeping in, and who knows what else. These little bursts of color in my white space are exactly what I need.

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