Thursday, July 1, 2010

A New Hobby

I admit that I have a problem.

I am thoroughly aware that beginning new projects when there are piles of old projects making a maze through your living room is not a great idea. I understand that I'm easily influenced by trends with other bloggers and artists. I'm also aware that the time I spend on the computer and/or in front of the TV is probably rotting my brain. And I have enough brain left to realize that combining a new hobby to attempt another trend with even more time in front of the computer screen is not the best idea.

But here we are anyway, stuck in the middle of a new hobby. Digital scrapbooking. I am ridiculously picky about scrapbooks. I think a lot of them are tacky, honestly, and my tastes and trends change so often that scrapbooks are almost always outdated before they're great to look at. Now obviously not all of them fit in that outdated and tacky category. My mother in law, for example, made a beautiful scrapbook after my wedding and it's classic and pretty and timeless. Our bridesmaid's dresses were not so timeless, but that's a different story.

Digital scrapbooks fix that issue though. If you don't like it, delete the file and go on with your life. You're not committed to the layouts or the paper or the font. And if there's one thing I am, it's noncommittal. Mixing colors and patterns and textures is one of my favorite things, and this is a fun way to do that. Here's one I did recently of one of my favorite pictures of Dave and I ever.
I'm just learning here. So it's not perfect, but I like to just jump in. And it surprisingly doesn't take me very long to do one of these. It satisfies that crazy impulsive urge I have to only work on projects that can get done quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Great photo page-and story to go with it! I must admit, your wedding album is one of my favorites, and I liked the dresses-when the camera didn't turn them YELLO! I figure any craft is worth doing and variety is the spice of life! Keep it up!