Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Mama

So I'm sitting here eating Bugles and drinking Sprite for breakfast like that's a totally normal thing to do, and I realized that I never posted my Mother's Day blog. I had written something lovely about my mama, because she is a lovely lady and then forgot to show it to the world (cough... 12 readers.) So, I apologize for the delay. But a late Mother's Day blog is better than no Mother's Day blog.

My mom is awesome. Really. She's the type of mom who would pick me up at one in the morning from a friend's house after everyone at the sleepover had gone to sleep except for me and I was afraid. She's the type of person who ALWAYS thinks about how other people feel and tries to see things from their perspective. Especially her kids. She drove me back and forth to all sorts of cheerleading events (I'll wait for you to stop laughing at that mental picture) and school functions and parties. She is the mom that becomes a mother to her children's friends that need a mother. She will talk your ear off if you need someone to talk to you, and she will listen while you talk her ear off if you need someone to listen to you. She is the person who would take me to see Dave at college every weekend, hang out around town for a few hours, and then drive me the hour and a half back home at midnight. She's awesome at Math and English and organization and she loves to read. She is so funny, she is so smart, and she is so loving. You may think your mom is cooler, but you're wrong. My mom deserves much more credit than what she gets. That's partially my fault.

I LOVE YOU. You're a genuinely great person. I've learned so much from you in the past 23 years. It's because of you that I have confidence in who I am as a woman, that I make some of the wise choices I make (let's ignore those unwise choices for this letter's purposes,) and that I know how to love others through understanding them. I really believe that I will be a good mom someday. I don't believe that because of how much I want children, or how I act or feel around kids. I believe that because YOU are a good mom, and you taught me everything I know about being a mother. I'm proud of you and I am grateful to you. Let's get some skittles and go for a drive.
Love you tons,
Little Missy

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Anonymous said...

Undeserved words...but appreciated!

Love you, too, and couldn't be prouder of you! I know I made lots of mistakes, but one look at you always makes me feel like I did at least some things right. You are MY inspiration lots of the time! LOVE YOU!!!!