Monday, May 24, 2010

Flea Market Love

Let me kick things off by saying: is everyone else as excited about this new blog look as I am? Scratch that - there's no way you are. I LOVE IT. It's so "me." If you're an RSS reader (Dave), check this out on the actual internet and see for yourself!

I found a designer through Etsy who was so great to work with, did quick work, and gave me a fantastic product. I definitely recommend her if you're interested in that kind of thing! Also, I'm not getting a discount because I said this... so you know I really mean it.

Back to the flea market. This weekend at the flea market was a HUGE success. I got all kinds of loot.
Like this quirky table cloth from the late 60's or 70's. It matched my house perfectly, the red, mustardy yellow, teal, and tan... it was fate. I didn't plan on buying a table cloth, but the Lord clearly put this in my path as a gift. I can't decide quite yet if I want to keep it as is or make fabric napkins out of it. $5 for this cutie.

Is this mask not ridiculous? The guy at the booth didn't know where it originated, but it is so cool. Also, I didn't buy this. I do have SOME self control.

I wanted to get a few door knobs for a project that I'm kind of excited about. Turns out some of these are over $100 per set. So that didn't happen. I bought one painted porcelain knob - hopefully that will do the trick. $3 knob.

Can't leave the flea market without some old windows, shutters, and a trusty old ladder, right? Maybe that's just me. $25 for all three.

Best score of the day. BY FAR. Each of these dishes had a price tag on it. From $2 through $10. It's a 38 piece set which would have been over $100 individually. Because I'm a very loyal customer with that booth, I got ALL OF THE DISHES for just $35! Not only are all of our wedding dishes cracked and chipped, but we are down to about 4 plates, 3 bowls, and 5 saucers; they don't even match our kitchen any longer. This teal and gray pattern was made for me. Again, it must have been fate.

I got a few other goodies as well! I found a set of about 8 tiny keys, one large skeleton key, and a stack of old photos: one of a woman looking down the back side of a man's swimming trunks (no idea what is going on in the picture, but it's a true gem) one of a seriously gorgeous woman with a very interesting smirk, a young boy in a giant feathery headdress, and others.

Flea Market SUCCESS.

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The Hagens said...

LOVE the new look and congrats on the great FM buys. Success! :)