Thursday, May 27, 2010

Link Love

I don't have much to say these days. Much to do... very very much to do, but not much to say. So I'm going to take a cue from my friend Kelli of Simple Modern Life, who is one of the sweetest gals I've ever met, and just stick up some links to things I'm loving (which may also happen to be birthday idea hints for someone who may need some hints.) I've even provided you with links, sir.


I do not want to spend $1800 on a bed for my porch. Especially considering the car only cost us $500, not by choice... by necessity - but I'm positive my husband could build this. And I'm positive my porch needs a bed on it.

2. If you share my love of flea markets, you will understand my love for this show.

American Pickers
If you've never seen this show, let me just break down the beauty of it for you. American Pickers is about two guys and their antique business. They travel the US, going to small towns and look through people's barns and storage sheds and junk piles. IT'S MY DREAM JOB. I don't know anything about antiques, but I sure like old junk. The link above is for Season One of this show, which I could watch over and over and over.

3. This might be a weird thing to love. I'm not really sure. I have another project idea that calls for these, though, so I think it's a perfectly fine thing to love.

All of these cute knobs are from Anthropologie.

4. Let's just pause for a moment and consider the perfection of this universe. A universe that holds crazy me in it and allows crazy me to stumble upon the print called, "The Art of Collecting" which are two things very near to my heart. Art and Collecting, that is. And which not only features the very color scheme that I'm craving at this moment in my life but also features such items as glass mason jars, cowboy boots, jewelry, ribbon, vintage suitcases, and buttons which crazy me happens to collect or hopes to collect someday. Let us further sit in wonder over the fact that this universe made this print only $14 and made my craft room wall the perfect place for hanging such prints. Either the person who made this is my stalker or my soul mate. I am not sure which, and for Dave's sake I hope this person is my stalker.

5. I'm not sure how to follow #4, being that it is a snapshot of the wonder of fate and perfection and Intelligent Design. I suppose if that MUST be followed, this is the perfect way to do so...

Don't freak out! I am not pregnant! I just LOVE this onesie. I've mentioned here on this blog that designing onesies is my life's true calling, I believe. I also may have mentioned that I really like babies and clothing. And something I haven't mentioned here is that I sometimes stumble upon cheap and perfect baby goods and accidentally purchase them and keep them in my closet. Something else that I may not have mentioned here is that I'm a desperate, scary person. Please don't judge. Please come back to my blog someday.


kelli said...

Hey, I like your post! (And your new site design, btw.) Not to mention ohmygosh-ilovethatporchbed.

It's almost time for my monthly link post, too!

The Hagens said...

u know we will never judge, and we will always be back. :)