Friday, October 16, 2009


Something strange has been happening to me lately. I don't know what started it, why is has shown itself in my life, or how long it will last. It looks different than anything I've experienced before.

I'm pretty sure that it's contentment.

I've had such an overpowering sense of peace in the past few months and it's been strange to see. I tend to be the type of person who is always looking ahead to the next big thing in life, and I get anxious to change my surroundings (literally and figuratively). Even though several things I've been excited about have kind of fallen through - such as the nannying job I was so looking forward to, a couple of big art sales, and other miscellany - I'm just in a place of peace and joy.

A therapist told me once, "Joy and happiness are two very different things. You need both. Happiness is letting the outside in, joy is letting the inside out." So, I've been allowing happiness to seep in without the anxiousness that usually blocks it. I've prayed hard for this peace to last, for me to truly understand the hope God has given to me, and it's been followed by such joy. Filling me up and gushing out.

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Anonymous said...

Joy - that's the perfect word to use when I think about how I feel when I think of you! You look beautiful in your picture, by the way!

Love, MOM