Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mad Props

Helpful tip - If you click on these images, it will take you to a larger size. So you can actually read it.

I know I'm beating you over the head with this - but seriously, it's so cool.
These images are from the Relient K album that Dave worked on. His name is in there. Repeatedly! (Dave Hagen, Dark Horse Dave and Super Dave Hagen [my personal favorite])They're kind of hard to see here, so I suggest going out and buying it. It's a great album, plus, he can even sign it for you if you want.
I don't say it enough - but I'm awfully proud of that husband of mine. He was working 100+ hours per week while doing this project. That's literal hours, by the way. He was waking up at 5:00 every morning to work 6 hours or so at a job that's not fun just to help out with bills and neverending car repairs, and driving straight to the studio to stay up until the wee hours of the morning - because that's what we're here for. Rinse, repeat.
To the guy who deserves more than I or the music business can offer - congratulations.

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