Monday, March 30, 2009

Movin' Up

This has been a great week of change and excitement. First of all - I heard back about the Express Arts Festival (which I blogged about a few posts back) and I have been accepted into the artists list! I am thrilled and nervous - but mostly thrilled. The artwork will be displayed from Easter weekend through the 20th, which means lots of eyes taking it all in as they meander about the church campus. This will be my first actual art show apart from high school "art shows" where everyone puts their work out on the tables for the parents to coo over. So, am I excited? Why, yes, I am.

The second wave of excitement is for Dave, who is really doing a knock-out job at work lately. He's been working a ton of hours every week (100+ in some cases), which can get really tiring, I'm sure you can imagine. But the great thing is that he's really making some headway with his contacts. He's getting asked to do a lot of great projects and getting involved.

And lastly - wahoo! - we're moving into this precious little house! We'll move in towards the end of April, out of our little apartment and into a real house. One of the best things about this house, apart from the oh-so-cute shutters and having two bathrooms - is that it is right across the street from some of the best friends we have ever had. I hope they are prepared to be seeing a lot of us.

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The Hagens said...

LOVE your house! So cool! And how amazing is that that you have friends living across the street. Then the art show and all Dave's hours lately. Wow. God is good. Love u guys and see u soon! :)